Turn Iphone Into Security Camera With Free Or Paid Apps With Ease.

Perhaps you’ve got an old iPhone and don’t know what to do with it. Do you know you can turn iPhone into security camera? And save money you’d use to buy any of the best rated home security camera systems in the market. 

You can turn your old iPhone to home surveillance camera. You can do this with free or paid apps that you can download at Apple App store or Google Play Store.

Surveillance camera is very important in keeping an eye on your home and business premises from remote location.
Security cameras help keep burglars off your home and enable you to keep an eye on what’s happening in your home.

Business surveillance cameras play great role preventing violence in the work place, theft and employee–customers disputes etc.

Everyone knows of Canary; however they are plenty other best rated home security camera systems to consider such as the ZOSINest Cam, Blink etc. However, if you can’t shell-out good chunk of money for one of those cameras, you do have an alternative.

Turn Iphone Into Security Camera

How To Turn iPhone Into Security Camera With Apps:

To turn iPhone into security camera, you need the right app. As a matter of fact, there a several apps out there and many are being introduced every now and then.

A search on App store will review several apps for turning iPhone into surveillance camera. As a matter of fact, most are free. After making the choice of application to use, the process employed to turn your old iPhone into a security camera is simple to learn.

For the purpose of this article, we will use AtHome Video Streamer Free App. Head over to Apple App Store, search and download the app for free and install. You can also download the app via this link: turn an old iPhone into a security camera app download.


How To Install AtHome Video Streamer App To Turn An Old iPhone Into A Security Camera

Learn how to turn iPhone Into Security Camera in 6 simple steps below:
1. Download and install AtHome Video Streamer App from Apple App store for free. You can also download app from iTune App Store or search for it on Google Play Store.

2. After the installation, open the app, scroll past the introduction screens and tab the “start now” icon.

3. Tap the “Menu” icon at the top left side of the screen and select “change password”. Then set up a new username and password and don’t forget to save.

4. From Menu icon, select Homepage, and then write down the CID number on the top right side of the screen.

5. Ensure you write down and keep the CID number safe. You will need to enter it into your new iPhone for feed monitoring.

6. Mount your old iPhone firmly in the area you’d like to monitor.

You can use standard iPhone stand or dock to hold your phone firmly in position and keep it still.

You can increase and broaden the area of coverage using fisheye lens.


How To Use Your New iPhone As Monitor To View Security Feed From The Old iPhone.

Now that you have turn iPhone Into Security Camera, you need to use your new iPhone as monitor to view feeds. These steps below will teach you how.
1. Download and install AtHome App on the new phone.

2. Create an account by selecting “Register” and enter your email ID and password.

3. From the top right side of the screen, tap the Add icon and select the “By CID” option. Enter the CID number you wrote down before, and then enter your username and password used for the old iPhone.

4. Select your phone (old iPhone) from the main menu. Ensure the app is running on your old iPhone, otherwise you can’t view feed on the new device.

5. You can now use your new iPhone to view your live feed.

That’s how to turn iPhone Into Security Camera and save cost of buying surveillance security cameras such as CanaryNest Cam, Blink, ZOSI etc.

However, using any of the best rated home security camera systems above is better off as it gives you more flexibility such as increasing the number of cameras and ability to use camera outdoor. 

Note that AtHome Webcam Free App only support one camera device at a time. To add more cameras, you have to upgrade from the free version to the premium version.


You turn now: Did you find this post on how to turn iPhone Into Security Camera interesting? Do you know a better way to turn iPhone into security camera? I would love to hear your thought on this.