Real Time GPS Tracker How It Works And Benefits

Real time GPS tracker is a device which uses Global Positioning System to track precise location of the carrier at specific intervals.

You can monitor the position of a person, pet, or vehicle in real time if they carry GPS tracking devices. 

This is done by recording their location data and storing it on the tracking unit or by transmitting it to a central location database.


How Does Real Time GPS Tracking Work?


Real time GPS tracker allows user to monitor persons, animals, vehicles etc. in real time. This is possible through analyzing and reporting frequent updates of the real time GPS tracker.

This updates of subject’s movement are sent to user every few seconds to every few hours.

The user gets accurate information of where the subject is through this frequent updates for informational or decision making purposes. This frequent update gives information that can be very important security wise. 

This feature is available on devices that use real-time tracking.


Types of GPS Tracking Systems


There are basically two types of GPS tracking systems; Passive and Real Time GPS tracker systems.

If you are looking to start using tracking system, the first choice to make is to decide which of the GPS tracking system will best suit your needs.

That is why it important you know their differences.


Passive GPS tracker:

Passive GPS tracking devices are devices that operate by storing data and saving it for download. They do not support real time transmitting necessary for live tracking position and speed.  

Passive GPS otherwise known as data loggers are usually plug in devices. They usually have internal flash memory, memory card slot, or USB port for storage of data.

You can download this stored information at any given time for analysis and reviews. There are additional apps that allow fast, useful analysis of stored GPS data.


Advantages of using a passive GPS tracker: 

The advantages of using a passive GPS tracking system include:

  • Low cost
  • No subscription fees.
  • It is also convenient since there is no need to monitor subject’s (vehicles, pets, persons etc.) data.

The disadvantages of passive GPS tracker:

The disadvantages of passive GPS tracking system include:

  • Lack of real time tracking capability
  • It also requires on-site data download
  • Limited memory storage

Real Time GPS Tracker:

Real-time GPS tracking involves real time transmission of data useful for tracking exact location, speed, direction etc from moment to moment.

Real time GPS tracking is what is required for precise management of fleet logistics for improved services and quick response time.  

This type of trackers are usually installed as plug in, clip-on, or hardwired into the electrical system.

Advantages of Real time GPS tracker:

Real time GPS trackers have the following advantages:

  • Precise and live data update at frequent intervals.
  • You can monitor live data from anywhere.
  • You have access to unlimited storage and hence no possibility of running out of memory.

It however has some disadvantages such as:

The following are the disadvantages of using real time GPS tracking devices:

  • Monthly subscription fee is required
  • Regular software update may be required



In summary, Real-time GPS device provides tracking information with high accuracy. These pieces of information include miles traveled, routes taken, engine stops, idle time, and speed etc.

Passive GPS tracking involves recording and storing tracking information, which can be downloaded from a computer at a later time.

Decide if Real Time GPS Tracker is right for you

Real-time tracking is for you if you want instant and continuous location monitoring.

They are for parents who wish to constantly monitor their teen driver or a fleet manager who want to have access to the location of each their fleet vehicles at all times.

Real time tracking will be best for you if you want to know what’s happening moment by moment.


Benefits of Real-Time GPS Tracking

  1. GPS tracking system makes it easy to monitor your teens, pets or fleet in real time.
  2. With real time tracking, it’s easy for a fleet company to manage fleet efficiently and deliver value to customers.
  3. Pre-installed GPS tracking system can help law enforcement locate exact position of missing vehicle in cases of theft.
  4. Another benefit of using GPS tracking system is that it comes with insurance benefits. You will enjoy discounted car insurance when you purchase a car with pre-installed tracking system or install yours after purchase.
  5. 24/7 security surveillance is only possible with a real time GPS tracker. It’s helps you know what’s going on from a remote location.

There are a great range of vendors who are now selling different GPS trackers.

You can easily locate tracking system suitable for you. The installation process is also very simple.

Today GPS is available in Android smart phone, iPhone, Blackberry and as well as other high end gadgets.

Android GPS tracker is one of the most common types of trackers in the market.

GPS tracker android is designed for tracking while hiking, snow trail tours, cycling trips, sightseeing etc.

There are different ways to keep track of your fleets, pets, teens etc. and you can achieve this with any real time GPS trackers.


Your turn now: Have you used any Real Time GPS tracker before? What do you think about this post? I’ll love to hear from you via the comment box.