Home Security Surveillance: Best Rated Home Security Camera Systems

Home security Surveillance has become topmost in our list of priorities. This is because we all feel the need to be secured and will do anything to stay secured.

Home security surveillance is not a subject to be taken lightly, especially in this age of increased crime rate. It is always great to know that your home and properties are secured.

Making the right choice of surveillance systems have always been a great challenge. There are so many surveillance systems out there and more are being manufactured. We always want to make sure we spend our money well especially in this era of digital and economic uncertainty. Hence the need to know beforehand the best rated home security camera systems. And to know factors to consider before making the choice of a security camera system.  

  home security surveillance

I will be talking to you about security surveillance, their types, how they work and the importance of having one in today’s post.

I will also review 3 best rated home security camera systems, security systems that will guarantee the protection of your home and your peace of mind and yet very affordable.

What is Home Security Surveillance system?

Surveillance is the observation of activities, behavior and constantly changing information. This is information is then manipulated and managed in a way to ensures security of life and properties.  

Security Surveillance system as the name implies is a means by which something is secured. This is usually through a system of inter-working components and devices.

Home security surveillance hence involves networks of electronic security systems interconnected and inter-working together with a central control panel.  They help protect the home against burglars and other potential home intruders.

Home security involves personal security practices. It is one thing to install security devices on a property such as doors, locks, alarms systems, lighting, etc.

It is another thing for you to ensure that the doors are locked, alarms activated and windows are properly closed. You should monitor them or assign someone to help monitor the home security surveillance system after installation.

How does Surveillance System work?

Security systems can be broadly categorized into analog surveillance systems and the IP surveillance system security.

Analog Surveillance Systems:

Analog home security surveillance system is simply a security cameras connected directly to a digital video recorder. They are the most common cameras in the market today.

They consist of a lens, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chips and device casing. You can consider the cameras as the eyes through which the digital video recorder, DVR sees. The cameras are connected to the DVR by means of transmission cables.

Signals are passed from the cameras to the video receiver. The video receiver compresses the signal and stores it on a hard drive to be retrieved later.

Most DVRs can also stream over the internet. They convert the analog video to digital format and then stream over the internet with their built-in web server.

DVR is the brain of the cameras and does the job of motion-detection, schedules, notifications, alarm inputs and much more.


IP Surveillance Systems:

IP security surveillance systems are otherwise known as network security camera systems. Unlike analog system, they do the job of the DVR.

They do the job of compressing the video, converting them to digital format and streaming them over the internet. Most IP cameras in the market today have SD card slots for direct storage of video.

You can easily add additional cameras to IP surveillance system and this is one of the advantages of using them.

Another advantage is that they are of higher resolutions compared to standard analog systems.

However, IP cameras require greater bandwidth and storage and they are much more expensive. They are more suitable for Business surveillance. 

Benefits of Installing Home Surveillance Systems:

1. Protect Your Home and Family from Intruders: When you have electronic security systems installed in your home and professionally monitored. It keeps burglars and intruders away from your home. Want to protect your home from intruders? Go for the best rated home security camera systems.

Ensure you advertise the security camera through window stickers and yard signs. By doing so, you’re letting burglars know that the possibilities of them failing and being caught are very high.

This awareness keeps them away from your home and properties.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Home Remotely: Monitor who comes and leaves your home from anywhere in the world. This is made possible through internet enabled home security surveillance system.

3. Insurance Discounts: Insurance companies provide discount when they know your home is secured with home security surveillance system.

Homeowner insurance companies know how much protection security systems provide their clients. They are therefore willing to reduce insurance rates up to 20% for those who have a surveillance system.

4. Increase in Home Resale Price: People who want to buy a new home always put neighborhood safety into consideration.

This is why houses equipped with security systems sell more in the housing market.

5. A Sense of Comfort and safety: Finally, the best benefit of having a home security surveillance system is this. That you can go about your business knowing that your home and belonging are secured.


Three (3) Best Rated Home Security Camera Systems:

You want to be sure your home is secured whether you are at home or not.

Keeping your home under surveillance used to mean signing up with a security service, however, it’s no longer so. With the boom in the wireless security surveillance systems, your home security surveillance in your own hands.

With several types of security system and range of features, it could be very daunting searching for an ideal camera. This is why I am recommending some of the best rated home security systems for you.

Whether you’re need of an easy way to check on your kids and pets or in need of a full-service sentinel to monitor intruders, any of these three best rated home security camera systems will suit you. Look at their features, make up your which one you want.

These cameras are sold on the most trusted online store – Amazon.com. Amazon offers best price ever, they are trust worthy and offers free delivery based on certain conditions, etc. 


#1: Blink Wireless HD Home Security Camera

Blink is the first of the 3 best rated home security camera systems I’m recommending for you. Set-up is extremely simple, Blink is battery-powered and totally wire-free with HD video tech, motion detection. Blink features temperature sensor which enables it to send instant feed to iOS or Android devices through the Blink app. With Blink, no monthly fees are required and it comes with free cloud storage for up to two hours of clips. 

To see more details, reviews, rating and price of Blink Wireless Home Security System from amazon.com, click the link below.

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#2: Arlo 100 Percent Wireless Security Cameras (Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision) System.

This security camera is a complete wireless HD home security surveillance camera suitable both for indoor and outdoor. This device features Motion Detection, Weatherproof, night vision camera and lots more. These amazing features are why I have chosen it as the second best rated home security camera systems in this review. Whether inside or outside, the HD camera gives precise shots. With Arlo Wireless Security Cameras, you can get captured clips sent to your email as well as app notification round-the-clock to help you keep an eye on your home whether you’re at home or away.

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#3: Nest Cam Wireless home security camera – With Built in Speakers/Microphone.

The last but certainly not the last of our best rated home security camera systems is the Nest cam home security camera. This 1080p indoor wireless ip camera is like an undercover agent who lets you see what’s going on at home when you aren’t around. Some of the features that make Nest Cam outstanding include:

·       Whether day or night, nest cam 1080p HD lens with 1300 wide angular view gives high quality video/picture shots

·       It’s simple to install, just plugin and download the Nest app and you are good to go.

·       Comes with built in speakers and mic, so you can talk and get attention of someone at home.  

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I believe anyone should be able to go anywhere, do anything, have fun and still be aware of happenings at home.

The problem is, traditional security systems are hard to install and harder to use. That’s why I have handpicked the above home security surveillance systems for you to select from.

I want to believe that I have saved you hours of research for best rated home security camera systems. 


Your Turn Now: Have you used any of the recommended surveillance cameras before? Do you have any experience with the reviewed best rated home security camera systems? Or what is you take on the use of security cameras at home, I will love to hear from you.